Jorunn Hodne Is Living Her Country Dream

Jorunn Hodne

We all know how I love a story of a person that has had music inside them for their whole lives screaming to get out. Our lives will lead us on many adventures and often down the road of the dreaded “day job” getting in the way of musical aspirations. The music still burns though and when we finally let our obstacles disappear great things can be accomplished. Our recent discovery Jorunn Hodne is another example of the lasting draw of making music.

Hailing from Stavanger in Norway, the singer and songwriter has been singing her whole life. Jorunn Hodne grew up in a musical family with both of her parents carrying on part-time work as musicians. Her older siblings were musicians as well, grabbing all the instruments. So Jorunn learned to grab attention with her voice.

The real world got a hold of Jorunn Hodne and she had a successful career as a journalist within the culture and entertainment fields. She was still performing and crafting songs through this time but finally made the move to switch sides and become a professional musician with stories to tell.

The newest album by Jorunn Hodne was just released on August 18th. The record On A Day Like This is her commitment to the country music genre. The album was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee.

The opening title track “On A Day Like This” sets the tone with an energetic tone deep in the country sound. The vocals bring us in and the guitars squeal along. “Car Crash”, on of my favorite songs of the record pours in some real emotion but is jacked up to create an undeniable energy that makes you want to sing along. The full soundscape is filled here with background vocals and instruments coming from every angle.



The tone is slowed down on “Nothing’s Gonna Get In Our Way” but the emotion remains in the duet ballad style love song. “When I Say Nothing” keep it going in this emotion laden, mellower vibe.

There is an old school country sound to “I’m Gonna Leave You For A Texan”. Jorunn Hodne lays it all out there in her storytelling vocal style over a simple, elegant beat. The album closes with the energy it started with on “No Way I Can Win”. The top notch production fills the speakers as the guitars wail (incredible solo alert!) and background vocals hum. Great way to end your listen and leave you wanting some more.

Keep up with Jorunn Hodne on her WEBSITE and have a listen on SOUNDCLOUD.

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