Joseph Eid Allows Us To ‘Watch It Fall’

Joseph Eid

‘Watch It Fall’ by Joseph Eid s a modern folk song, both in sound and lyrics. It is modernized because of the way which people are represented in the piece as well as the sound. It has a gentle sound which is very close to the sound of pop. His webpage also gives off the same vibe. It has a lot of soothing color schemes and pictures of nature. Eid has a really nice overall feel to his music and the image that he creates. His upbringing and background contribute to the music as well. It creates the satire and he helps it flow in a natural and not overwhelming way.


Joseph Eid has a pleasant folksy sound and the lyrics are a satiric sort of style. One example of this style is the line, “the new guy who lives by the front door. Stands out there, yeah he’s got weakness to sell.” The way Eid uses the phrase, “he’s got weakness to sell,” is a unique way of making the lyrics stand out. It’s quirky and makes the listener think about what is really being said by the writer. How is weakness sold? As if it’s an item, how is weakness defined in this song? It is an in-depth question that can really be analyzed. Another lyrical line that has the same whimsical folksy vibe is, “there’s a tattooed healer who is more like a dealer of things you don’t want to know about.” This line is much more straightforward than the one discussed above. This is his neighbor that deals drugs. This song is a clever arrangement of a folk style of music in a modern setting filled with modern people with modern problems and characteristics.



As a child, Eid grew up in New York. Music was always just a hobby to him growing up, however, when he dropped out of med school he really decided to pursue his dream. Then he made his way to L.A. His upbringing and decision to rebel against it is reflected in his music. This can be seen in the bit of satire the piece contains and also the way the song is constructed and set in an apartment complex, it really feels like a combination of New York and L.A. as well as a rebellion from those worlds. He is pointing out interesting dynamics that exist within these settings and giving a small commentary on them in a clever way.


Joseph Eid is a great artist that is unique and has developed his style in a manner which has required a certain amount of trails and experiences. This is reflected in his work. His lyrics, music, and website all are consistent and enjoyable. Experiencing his music is very pleasant. It is smooth sounding and the witty biting descriptions that he uses make the song fun and interesting. You can’t help but get a great picture of this building that he is describing. Everyone is painted in a unique and gripping manner, so you can’t help but enjoy the listening experience.


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     -review by Michael Jones

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