Joseph James Shows Us His “Valentine”

Joseph James debuts with his single “Valentine.” Poised to be a powerhouse of the modern music scene, he shows off with a solid first impression. With valuable experience gained through touring along with acts such as Lady Gaga and Ritchie Blackmore as well as graduating from Berklee College of Music, he is setting out to make his own mark on mainstream music

“Valentine” leads with Joseph James’ vocal, accompanied by cinematic strings and acoustic guitar. He effortlessly develops the melody of the song, drawing the listener in. Elements of the track build on top of each other, with piano, drums, and bass filling out the song. The vocals become layered as “Valentine” reaches new heights with every aspect of the track in harmony.

James is a confident vocalist with plenty of character in his performance. He puts emotion into every inflection, making this more than any other generic love song. His experience in putting together a song is evident, with strong performances and production this impressive lead single paves the way for many more hits.

Joseph James debuts with “Valentine” in anticipation of the release of his upcoming album ‘5.5.’ As the founder of AP Music Group he is ready to make his mark on mainstream music. It is easy to see how he could make it big with a strong lead single that has something for everyone. If you enjoyed “Valentine” make sure to keep up with Joseph James for the release of his debut album ‘5.5.’

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