Sule Puts A Country Swing on his “Love Me”


“Love Me (Country Swing)” by Sule is a vibrant new single by a veteran artist that is moving up the radar in his own way. It’s written that “his solo career may seem shiny and brand new by industry standards, calling him an emerging artist falls far short of telling the whole story. Having completed many tours of duty as a musical mercenary for acts such as Lionel Richie, Sky, and Corneille, opened for legends like Celine Dion, Kool and the Gang, Sean Paul and Akon, and reached the quarterfinals on ‘La Voix’ (Quebec Canada’s version of The Voice). Sule is now ready to lock and load under his own banner.”



That’s all there is to find about him in the data stream but there’s much music to be found on him if you look at his videos which include covers by everyone from alternative rockers Alive, to Bruce Springsteen. The single “Love Me (Country Swing)” is another story though, as it’s a country swing single and that is easier to see once you hear it. You’ll find him on Spotify and the usual platforms but if you’re interested in him it’s also a good idea to look at the promo video for “Love Me (Country Swing).” And that is a good way to wrap your head around this great artist. It’s a must for super fan types because it takes you a step further into Sule when you see him.


The Voice Of Sule Will Melt Hearts

This is a voice on the level of artists like Seal and others of his generation, but the diversity runs much deeper than that too. The track keeps some country inflections and Sule himself is a banjo player, but it’s nothing hardcore country wise beyond that. It’s really just a feel, or a flavor if you will. And to be honest it is a difficult challenge to know what to convey about the artist without deep searching his music at the very least because there’s not a lot else to be known unless you’re closer to Sule and have been following him. This appears to be a turning point time for him though.

You might even want to spend some time watching his cover song videos once you hear “Love Me (Country Song) for all it’s worth because there is certainly way more to Sule than this new single. But it should also serve in bumping him up the ladder because it’s simply a quality piece of music and lyrics he’s come up with here. That’s enough to pique anyone’s interest, and it’s so easy to do once you’re listening to the single. He’s starting a wave of his own and it’s just good to hear where he’s been coming from as a result of this one particular-newly released cut. You’ll be glad you heard it and want to hear more.




     -review by Todd Bauer