#WomenCrush Music Live @ Rockwood Music Hall


Rockwood Music Hall hosted the #WomenCrush showcase featuring the likes of Dirty Bird, Cassandra Kubinski, and Rabasi Joss on January 31.


The atmosphere was intimate, a smaller stage and a seated venue. Behind the stage the walls were made up of wooden panels that were accompanied by pink lighting, creating a softness to the space. Attendants couldn’t help but feel comfortable and engaged with these artists, who all took their time interacting with the crowd. And the crowd itself was quite diverse, men and women of all ages and backgrounds were present for this awesome event.

Dirty Bird Kicks off the Night

Dirty Bird opened up the show, their strong female vocals and soulful sound were perfect for kicking off this female-filled showcase. The women, Christie Belanger, Mel Escudero, and Natasha Thweatt, each come with their own set of chords but they meld and harmonize beautifully together. Individually, Dirty Bird’s members are hugely talented, but together they’re able to build on one another’s skills. Their latest single, “Towers,” dropped on December 8, and they’re already catching attention for it.

Cassandra Kubinski took the stage after Dirty Bird, giving the room an acoustic performance of piano and guitar. There’s a certain energy around her that immediately captured the crowd’s attention. She and her guitarist were light and fun during their set, even a kazoo made a brief appearance as they interacted with one another and the attendants in between songs.


Cassandra Kubinski


Following Cassandra and closing out the night was Rabasi Joss. Her sultry voice instantly flooded the quiet and darkened room. With the help of smooth guitar, broomsticks on the drums, and the appearance of a saxophone during her set, Joss was able to hypnotize the room. The soulful sound of her jazz comes through right away, but it’s clear that her talent doesn’t end there. She sang a range of old and new songs including the title track from her first album Heliotrophe.

The #WomenCrush Will Continue

Rabasi Joss


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