#WomenCrush Music Relaunches Non-Profit To Empower Women Musicians

#WomenCrush Music

#WomenCrush Music works to create opportunities for female songwriters no matter where they are in their career. From those just starting out, working on their second album or already touring the world, the non-profit connects musicians with future collaborators, works to educate them about the industry, and inspire them along the way to make an impact in a male-dominated industry.


Founded in Jan. 2017 by Ashley Kervabon, #WomenCrush Music’s first showcase was a major success. Now entering into 2018 and relaunching as non-profit and adding workshops plus networking events to make the already competitive industry seem a little less scary, creating a new website and expanding in 13 cities (and growing) across the US and Canada, the organization has tripled in size since April 2017.


If you’re a women songwriter you need to look into #WomenCrush Music, no ifs, ands, or buts.


Now far bigger than their headquarters in Portland, OR, you can now find #WomenCrush Music team members in major cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago and Austin and in San Jose, Miami, Missoula and more! Spanning not quite coast to coast yet, the community hopes to found chapters nationally and internationally as it grows.

“There is such a need for what we are doing here at #WomenCrush – and how quickly we’ve grown in the last 6 months really goes to show that. By relaunching as a non-profit organization we believe we will be better able to fulfill our mission at #WomenCrush Music, which will always be to support women artists in whatever we way can. I am hopeful that we will continue to expand in the states, Canada, Mexico and then intercontinentally! I am excited to continue empowering women in music and for all of our future plans.” – Founder Ashley Kervabon


Being on the verge of major expansion, #WomenCrush is seeking media partners, in-kind donations as well as financial sponsors to support the investment the organization makes in women musicians by hosting showcases, educational workshops, and networking events. Additional funding will also support the operation and marketing of #WomenCrush Music as it continues in its efforts to connect, educate, and inspire.


Here is a schedule of upcoming showcases that will kick off the new year:

Portland, OR @ The White Eagle – Wednesday, January 17th, 8PM-11PM
Austin, TX @ ONE-2-ONE Bar – Thursday, January 25th, 7PM-Midnight
Chicago, IL @ HVAC Pub – Saturday, January 27th, 8PM-11PM
New York, NY @ Rockwood Music Hall – Tuesday, January 31st, 7PM-8:30PM

For more information, visit www.womencrushmusic.com.

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