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Joshua Ketchmark is a living portrait of midwestern, roots Americana. This reviewer happened to live in the rural Midwest for six years and I can attest to the genuineness of what the soil in that part of the country produces. Although Ketchmark also cut his teeth out here in Hollywood studios and playing gigs at the legendary Roxy, he never lost his language from the land of hearts as he continues to prolifically record from his studio in Nashville.

Ketchmark’s highly anticipated tenth studio album “BLOOD (due out in July) is shaping up to hold the torch of such middle America greats as Dylan or even The Replacements, while maintaining the unassuming vibe of acts like The Jayhawks.

His latest, tantalizing single “Covered in Blood” is a steady, anthemic alt-rocker that not only showcases his trademark ability to tell jugular vein stories drenched in melody, but it also portrays his penchant for intoxicating arrangements. Just a simple, audio injection of Michael Webb’s organ layering on top of the band’s gritty, electric, strumming is certain to trigger an increase in your white cell count.

Notice how the words and melodies play with the listeners emotions – blending irony and despair along with an underlying sense of liberation:  

A good run of bad luck

Is reason enough

To leave us where we stand

Covered in blood ”           

Is the storyteller in an utterly, anguished loss of heart? Or is he secretly relieved the relationship’s consummate spilling has finally taken place? You can decide for yourself as you make Ketchmark’s “Covered in Blood” part of the story of what’s running through the veins of your own life.

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