There is an infinite number of talented musicians that often work behind the scenes creating music and production for film and syncing on advertisements.  These people also help other artists reach their success with songwriting and production help.  When they step from the shadows the long years of being in the trenches is apparent immediately in the skilld that they bring to the table.  This is evident in our latest find Jules Verne Theory.

The project is made up of Richard Slee and Arron Clague.  After previous work with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Eight To Infinity Production, and the Dublin Arts Council the duo have decided to release their own experience to the world.  The music caught on quick and they signed with Ninthwave Records.

The duo recently released their debut EP Exposure.  The 5 song EP presents Jules Verne Theory with a fresh electro sound with big influences from the new wave music of the 1980’s.  The electro dance song “How Hard?” bounces around with a dark groove and a drawn out vocal style that keeps the song grinding along.  They also created an impressive music video for the track “She’s A Riot”.  The harsh imagery projects the paranoid feelings of modern travel and constant terrorism threats. It includes the raw footage of the evacuation of Embankment underground station that inspired the emotions for the song.  Watch it here:

The album closes with “Everything Will Be Alright In The End”.  The mellower sound is able to let the listener soothe their mind before the record ends with a positive outlook on the horizon.

Go hear and experience more for yourself at:


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