The days of country music hiding in only certain small pockets of the country are long gone. The genre has crossed over to the popular music scene where everyone has had their chance to experience the pumped up happiness that is a country rock band playing live. Other music genres sneaking in to influence country have only made it more accessible to the masses. This should help our latest find Marshall Dane become a household name before very long.

Marshall Dane

Born in Southern Ontario, Canada Marshall grew up with a heavy dose of music in his childhood supplied by his guitar playing preacher father and hard working piano playing mother of 7. He experienced all types of music and has brought many of these influences into his own personal style of country rock. There are heavy doses of rock with some flashes of soul and gospel throughout the Marshall Dane sound. Getting out there on the road has given him some great inspiration for songs as well as earning him an ever-growing legion of fans.

The most recent release by Marshall Dane is his second full length album One Of These Days. The 12 track record lays everything right out on the table for this talented songwriter. The opener “Take You Home To Mama” shows that his heart is still back where he grew up and his love for his upbringing has not faded. There is some impressive guitar work on this one. Marshall slows it down a little on the country ballad “Stay Up Late”. There is still plenty of energy throughout the song. The title track of the album “One Of These Days” is a slow building tune but once the chorus hits the listener is swept up into the powerful song. The song that seems to be getting the most notice (for good reason) is the fun “Alcohol Abuse”. The bouncy track will have anybody bopping their head to the beat almost instantly. I’m looking forward to seeing this one performed live and watching the crowd swallow up the dance floor. Keep up with Marshall Dane at:

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