Finding and deciding on a name for a band is often even harder than writing the songs.  You want something with meaning that can relate to your potential fans but also something that is personal and truly shows what your musical project is all about.  And let’s face facts it needs to be memorable too.  Our recent find Kight may have hit on all of these.


The alternative pop band from the suburbs of Seattle, Washington went to the dictionary to discover the word Kight which the band says means “something that a person is passionate about that requires dedication or support to achieve”.  That seems to touch on everything that a band truly is.  The Kight sound is a mix of alternative rock with influences from the emo, glitch, and hard rock genres.

The band’s debut album was just released last month along with a record release show in Seattle at El Corazon.  The full 14 track record titled Fight To Fly is the culmination of over 6 years of songwriting by lead singer Sean Machak.  The opener “Love Is The Season” attacks right away with an aggressive rock melody reminiscent of Taking Back Sunday.  The band shows an epic side on “Live Your Life” with its atmospheric background and softer studio warped lyrics and seemingly cloud of sounds coming at you from every direction.  The attack of sound from every angle continues on “One More Time”.  Kight’s ability to mesh different styles into one song here is impressive.  The straight up alt-rock returns on “West Coast Is The Best Coast” with its high speed energy bursting through.  They even show off an experimental edge on the closer “Kight For Me”.  There is something here for everyone.  Go experience it for yourself at:


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