We will always stick with hard working artist that keep churning out good music and are willing to experiment with their sound.  One of our recurring artists here at Indie Band Guru is our friend Junior Turner.

The big time singer/songwriter from the United Kingdom has been pumping out song after song to his ever growing fanbase.  Junior Turner always feels free to write songs in whatever genre suits the particular mood for each song.  Nothing is off limits.  The latest take is the song “Guardian Angel”.  It is due for release on March 13th but we got a preview listen here.  This one is a real ballad of a song that shows real emotion in Junior’s voice.  He says he wrote this one for his mother personally but hopes that each listener can relate to the song and its loving message.  The slow pace does not lack with feeling as each note seems craftily contrived.  If you are in a safe place to let your emotions show take a listen here:

To keep up with even more music by Junior Turner visit:





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