In this world that is made smaller by the day, a music artist must try to appeal to a global audience.  One never quite knows where their music will really connect with potential fans and blow up.  Lovers of music are everywhere and every artist wants to reach every fan that they can.  An artist we discovered with an interesting story that fits into this is Kary Sit.

Kary Sit

The Top 40 and dance pop artist is a fourth generation Eurasian who has been molding her own original style with no aim of fitting into any specific musical box.  There is an influence felt from such performance artists as Madonna and Lady Gaga. Kary Sit has been pumping out a string of singles and caught a major break while on tour in Japan as her sound caught a nerve and the attention of a fanbase searching for a new unique artist.

The latest track is “Guilty Pleasure”, an exotic electro pop ride with Kary Sit’s sultry and ear catching vocals.  The production adds a higher level of professionalism making the song ready for the dance floor and booming speakers everywhere.  There is a dark side to Kary Sit and many people will be yearning to join her there.  Keep up with more at:

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  1. Brian diehl

    Kary knows how to connect with her fan base. She incorporates lyrics that many can read in to and understand at a personal level. Let’s face it we all have a hidden side. as she has mentioned an alter ego!