It is always great to hear a band who is obviously enjoying themselves while writing and performing their music.  There is no need for huge production and studio tricks when the goal is to spread a joyful message with some simple catchy rock and roll.  A good example is our latest find Audiobender.


The san Jose, California based band blends alt-rock with a fun power pop style that grabs attention right away and draws fans in to the likeable group immediately.  Audiobender was conceived back in March of 2012 when songwriter/guitarist Jared Richard grabbed some old friends and bandmates in Paul Cingolani on bass and Jeff Lemas on drums to launch the new project.  There is no huge meanings or political leanings behind their songs just the goal to rock out and get people in the crowd up and dancing along.

With the recent release of their full length album Reverb Audiobender has been pushing their plan of kicking ass and taking names.  On the opener “Alright With Me” you can tell right away that these guys know how to handle their instruments and provide a good ass-shaking time.  The party continues on “Sweet” with its chunky guitar sound and peppy drumbeat leading the way.  This is just fun garage rock at its best.  The band shows they can slow it down too with the bluesy ballad “One In The Hand”.  Every party needs a slow dance song right?  The happy vibes come right back on “Know What I Mean”.  The vocal delivery draws the listener into the story and rooting for our hero at the bar.  Enjoy the fun music video here:

The record closes with the more progressive and harder rock sounds of “Let It Bleed”.  There are some classic rock influences here that show that Audiobender has not forgotten about the long history of great party rock.  There is even a strong guitar solo thrown in there.  Whether these guys make it big or not I am sure they will always be a great band to see in a bar surrounded by people put in a good mood by the music.  Keep track on the boys for yourself at:


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