The dance music scene seems to still be growing at a phenomenal rate.  The festivals have been getting bigger and bigger and more mainstream fans have been picking up on it.  This has lead to a great number of artists turning to the electronic vibe and creating their own music.  Some talented artists may get lost in the shuffle but when a true standout come across our ears we take notice.  Let us introduce you to Rosetta.


The underground project which only really started up in mid 2014 is the brainchild of Ryan Unis.  He has dove full force into his music churning out over 120 original mixes over his career span.  It has been a learning curve.  Ryan explained, “I think it’s important to show the progression of a producer and musician over time. For budding producers and aspiring musicians to see that, ‘Hey, this guy didn’t wake up one morning and start producing.’ There’s an arch there, over time, that I wish I had the opportunity to be exposed to when I was starting out. It’s embarrassing to have all the mixes out there, but, ego aside, they are.”

Although rather new Rosetta has been picking up steam grabbing some recent recognition.  Electronica Oasis selected “Undying Love Feat. Dina Shapiro” as a grand prize winner.  The song is a house music staple with bouncy beats, exotic sounds in the melody and the female/male vocals sweetening it all up.  For the big room dance clubs Rosetta offers “Bang Bang”.  The beat rises and falls creating a nice flow for the dancer to take a much needed break.  The track was featured as a weekly ‘Crowd Pick’ on ReverbNation.  Ryan Unis shows even more depth with “Destroy” which has elements of dubstep and house mixed in together to create something fresh that can appeal to all EDM lovers.  Keep an eye on for more music to hit the airwaves and the dance club floors.  You can get in touch with Ryan and Rosetta at:

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