Inspiration is something that each artist much find on his own.  It can never be forced.  It must happen naturally but putting yourself in a lifestyle open to inspiration will definitely aid in stirring your creative juices.  Our recent discovery James Eagle took his time and let his music come to him.

James Eagle

The San Jose, California native soaks in music from everywhere he goes and morphs it into his own personal style.  James had the foresight and ambition to travel through Central America for a year and a half as he worked on his debut full length album.  After this exotic journey James Eagle finished up the album while living in Medellin, Columbia.

The album title is actually James Eagle with the artist being listed as Various Artists.  The 9 track record is a mashup type of album.  Each song has many samples sprinkled within to create something fresh and new although the pieces are old.  From the opening track “Intro” and its mix of various sounds you know you are in for a wild ride.  There is a raw energy to “On My Way” that exudes a sense of happiness as it pushes forward in an extremely catchy way.  James Eagle shows depth when he ventures in “When I Die” with rap samples from Notorious B.I.G. and M.I.A.  The atmospheric sound makes it quite the pretty song.  The closer “When I Grow Up” brings together a full gamut of different sounds to create something that becomes truly unique even though it borrows from a bunch of different styles.  This is a record to truly experience.  Check it out at:


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