Karamilk Starts Us Off With ‘Gone’


Music has been an escape for people since the beginning of time. Whether listening to it or creating it, music has a way of becoming just what we need it to be. Our recent find Karamilk is one such story of this power.

The 21-year-old singer/songwriter Erin Foster, aka Karamilk, grew up in the rural outskirts of Australia. Being an hour away from the closest town led to teenage years of homeschooling and loneliness. This soon led to a wandering mind rife with anxiety. To fill this empty space, Erin turned to songwriting. Over the past 5 years, she has recorded hundreds of tracks as a result. This has helped her mental state immensely.

Currently living on the Gold Coast, Queensland, she is ready to take her music to the next level. Last year she teamed up with Andy Davies, producer Ian Berney, and mixer Jean-Paul Fung to produce the best of these songs and prepare them for the rest of the world to hear. Now in 2019 Karamilk is on pace to release and perform.

Karamilk just started but is already ‘Gone’

The first track for release, ‘Gone’ was released through MGM Distribution on Friday the 3rd of May. Within 24 hours the empowering EDM song had been added to Spotify independent playlists (one even noting the top 100 iTunes and Spotify releases in the USA). The catchy melody grabs the listener right from the start. As the vocals come in there is an elegant beauty that adds to the power. Erin says “the song is about teenage angst – how young relationships can be futile – lies and built up walls can block you out – and with feelings of helplessness.” The high-quality production furthers the beat that will have crowds dancing along to the groove.

Karamilk has plans for a run of shows on the Australian East Coast, focusing in Queensland and also in country New South Wales. She is also set to release two more pop tracks by mid-2019. Keep up with more news and music on her FACEBOOK.

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