Katie Dey Feels “Stuck” in Her Body in New Music Video

Katie Dey releases video for Stuck

In this current musical climate of too many love songs and the same repetitive chord progressions, it’s always like coming up for fresh air when an artist creates something unique. Australian artist Katie Dey recently released a brand new single, “Stuck” off her latest album solipsisters.

The song discusses feeling trapped in your own body and wanting to escape from it, but not being sure how. There’s a distinct feeling of guilt associated with removing yourself from the form that your friends and family know so well. How can you change when this is all they’ve known? There’s a high-pitched whine to Dey’s voice, which only adds to the dizzying insanity of the piece’s topic.

Alongside the single, there was a music video drop. Clocking in at three minutes and twenty-five seconds, the video features Katie Dey herself in what appears to be a mock bedroom recording studio. She’s singing directly to the camera as the lyrics typewriter across the screen. Throughout the video, she pulls her hair from the ponytail holder and begins to braid it down around her chin. As the scene unfolds, it’s confusion to watch and comprehend. Frequent flashes of frustration and questioning cross the artist’s face until she picks up a pair of scissors and snips away at the braid beard she spent most of the video creating.

As soon as the braid beard is cut off, minimizing Katie’s hair by over half, she’s instant smiles and relief. Perhaps, it’s the first real step in leaving her current form behind. If you can’t leave your physical form behind in a safe manner, it’s definitely time to start considering other options and metaphorically obtaining them. The diy appearance of the video truly humanizes Dey while only adding to the overall feel of the song and video.


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