Ken Stead

Ken Stead is one of those singer-songwriters who puts a lot of soul into his work. As a result, this has gained him many great reviews for both his studio recording and live performances. “Oh Carolina” and “Blanket for Two” are just two of the many stunning tracks which highlight his talent.


Now Stead returns with his new track “I Don’t Wanna be that Man,” taken from his upcoming album Civil War. It was written before he left Edmonton to live in Calgary.  He explains, “While I will never think we should live with regrets, I believe we should learn about ourselves as much as we can. I’ve learned a lot over the last year and will continue to grow and share it through music.”


As soon as the song begins, you feel the emotion from the tale he is telling from the opening lines “This town reminds me of mistakes I’ve made / Makes me feel as though I wanna run away / Reminds me of all that I have been through.”


It is a simple story about wanting to change the way you are. It may be a familiar tale, but it stands out thanks to Stead’s delivery. Just listen to him deliver the chorus “If I had the chance to do it all again / I don’t wanna be that man / I don’t wanna be that man”.


“I Don’t Wanna be that Man” is yet another excellent example of the songwriting talents by Ken Stead. Not only that, but his vocals continue to captivate due to the emotion within his tone.



Ken Stead creates music with an honest emotion and it’s compelling


The new album Civil War is due to be released March 2019. Going off his track record, this will be yet another collection of songs that will be all heart and will not disappoint.

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