Piqued Jacks put you in a Trance with ‘The Living Past’

piqued jacks

Piqued Jacks released their new LP, The Living Past, on October 26th.


Piqued Jacks are a band of brothers who grew up together near Florence, Italy. The band’s inspirations include Biffy Clyro, The Killers, and Incubus – all of which can be used to explain a bit of their sound on this new album.


Piqued Jacks Combine Punk and Rock in a Modern Way


Although the band use anthemic tones to encourage a motivating feel, they keep it modern.



The album kicks off with “Loner vs Lover” and sets a funky and exciting mood. You can already hear the synthesizers and orchestra of vocals.


The song continues strong and slows down into calmly spoken vocals full of emotion and motivation.


“P.A.I.N.T.” slows down the album and gives more of an ethereal and inspiring element. With no vocals, the main focus is instrumentals and the beautifully incorporated sounds.


“The Living Past” is much more guitar heavy with stronger vocals and an expected climax.


The synthesizers are still present and the emotion pushes through with the continuation of the album. “Dusty Shelves” is emotionally powerful and so are the vocals. The track goes through a rollercoaster of sentiments and an inspiring message of moving on.


In a perfectly titled song, “Being Hurt,” Piqued Jacks portray exactly what being hurt is like. The instrumentals start off slow and pick up into a more aggressive sound once the vocals begin telling a story of pain. While the song starts off gently, the message comes across quickly.


However, in “Mount Bonnell,” the album takes a step back again and is slowed down by this much calmer track. The softer vocals soothe the piece and backup vocals and instrumentals take you on a journey of peace.


The album ends with “Don’t Hope, Believe” and it’s the perfect ending. The track starts off slow and almost exhausted. The mood slowly picks up and acoustic guitars come in for a pick-me-up.


The feeling of inspiration and hope ties up the whole project in the end.


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