There are some musicians that are not meant for any one musical genre.  They are able to just put out the music that beats in their heart without the restrictions of trying to please one specific audience.  One artist that comes to mind is Kenny Fame.

Kenny Fame

The Harlem, NY native likes to call his music indie-pop but I could see it described in such varied genres as folk, funk, country, dance or even psychedelic.  Kenny Fame does not overuse studio tricks or overdubs but instead keeps an old school raw sound to his songs.  He has also been known to put his own spin on pop favorites such as “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus and “Hometown Glory” by Adele.

Recently Kenny Fame released his original song “Rejoyce”.  It is a funky little track that lets the beat stand out no matter where the song seems to go.  The storytelling vocals welcome the listener to pay attention and wonder what the end will bring.  Again folk, funk, and classic rock influences are heard.  The rawness of the music makes it approachable for all. Keep up with new music by Kenny Fame at:

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  1. Kenny Fame

    I Love It!!! #Famenation UNTIE!!!