The imagination to bring sounds together from different genres of music is what keeps the independent music scene fresh and exciting.  The idea of recycling the same old songs over and over again is what has killed mainstream radio.  Dive into something new and adventurous with us in Of Clocks And Clouds.

Of Clocks And Clouds

The band consists of Joe Salgo and Ross Procaccio who were both born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, which is quite rare in the NYC music scene lately.  The influx of musicians from all over the country trying to make it in NYC sometimes dilutes the local feel of the music.  (This is coming from another native NY’er though, lol).  The Of Clocks And Clouds sound brings together alternative and electronic rock mixed with elements of ambiance.  Influences can be heard from such varied bands as The Black Keys, Radiohead, Kraftwerk, and Joy Division.

Next week Of Clocks And Clouds will be releasing their debut full-length album entitled YOU.  The 8 track record jumps in and out of genres and pushes forward throughout.  The album opens with “Burn A Hole In The Sky”.  Its dark and ominous presence mixed with electronica begins to prepare you for what this listen will have in store for you.  On “Your Love Will Be My End”, OCAC shows that they can write a straight up rock song as well with screeching guitars and driving bass.  The ambient spaciness returns on “Carry”, a soft track that lets your brain relax somewhat before the cacophonic sound attack of “Disaster Medicine”.  We recommend listening to the complete album as a whole to gain the full experience.  If you can get to Brooklyn next week get to the album release party May 15th at The Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn.  Keep up with Of Clocks And Clouds online at:

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