Becoming a self-sufficient musician is not an easy task.  If you are serious about it you must jump all the way in.  Treat it like your sole livelihood right now.  Act as if!  For any success you must put in work every day whether it be in the studio or out there promoting yourself.  An artist that we have witnessed do everything he can everyday is Kenny Fame.

The NYC artist has expanded his repertoire even more with his latest release “Another Man’s Woman”.  Here he shows that no style is out of his reach with his own personal take on the country blues genre.  Kenny adds his unique voice and phrasing to set the song apart from the commonplace.  The wall of sound behind his vocals and acoustic guitar makes the song sound huge and full.  Get sucked in for yourself below:

Keep moving forward Kenny, you are on your way!

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  1. Kenny Fame

    Love It!