King Cotz – Taking Something Hot And Making It Fresh

King Cotz

Covering and remaking other artists songs will always be a big part of the music scene.  There is an art to re-recording a popular song.  You must make it different enough to sound fresh but stay true enough to the original that the classic song shines through.  An artist that seems to found the balance to do this is our recent find King Cotz.

The 21-year-old rapper/songwriter/lyricist from Richmond, Virginia is still currently unsigned but has been putting out a steady stream of songs to draw interest.  King Cotz is now spreading his original hip-hop sound around Blacksburg, VA where he is attending Virginia Tech University.  It has been a long journey as King Cotz began teaching himself how to write songs for the last 10 years.  He mainly writes meaningful, inspiring lyrics but also likes to experiment creating many different types of songs.

Always looking to learn more, King Cotz is constantly out there looking for the right people to work with.  Whether it be providing lyrics for a beat or using his artistic skills to make graphic designs for other artists, he is always searching for that cross promotion.

King Cotz Is A Young Man On His Way


The latest release by King Cotz is called “8 God”.  It is a remake he made of “No Shopping” by Drake and French Montana.  His new version takes a new direction with personal lyrics telling of his drive and goals.  The “No Shopping” beat got a reproduction from Abid along with new beats.  The track becomes truly fresh sounding along with the interesting flows provided by the rapper.

There are more songs coming soon from his first upcoming full-length album, Hated On My Fate.

You can follow King Cotz of Twitter and Soundcloud.

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