Sherry Drive – Letting Music Develop With Power

Sherry Drive

Any band that aims for long-term success must be willing and able to adapt.  It takes time for a group of musicians to all find their space within the confines of the band.  This willingness to change allows all the moving parts to combine into something new that no one of them could do alone.  The story of our recent find Sherry Drive is a testament to this.

The band formed back in 2012 with a young group of eager musicians.  The lineup consisted of Rusty, Jeremey, Richard, Darin, and Anu.  As Sherry Drive the boys moved quickly and had their debut the One Lane Bridge EP, out in early 2013.  They found some success that only fired them up for more.  

As it will always be for a bunch of young guys in a band, things came up and changes needed to be made.  These changes were to the actual lineup as some of the member’s military backgrounds and educational endeavors pulled them in different directions.  As new members and influences were brought in, the music of Sherry Drive changed also.  The addition of more technical drumming, a keyboard player, and screaming vocals brought the band a more aggressive sound that fires energy into anyone that hears it.

To showcase this new sound Sherry Drive just released their new album Fly.  The 13 track record takes the best of all the band members and throws it into a blender to churn out something new and original.  Right from the opener “Illuminati” and its metal tone you know you are in for a wild ride.  The speed and power punch you right in the face.  The title track “Fly” shows a more radio friendly touch with clever vocals bouncing back and forth along with a mellower melody and progressive keyboards that will have you listening intently.  The powerful drums will remind you that this is a hard rock band through and through.  

Accept The Power Of Sherry Drive


On “Narcolepsy” Sherry Drive shows even more diversity with a song that blends experimental sounds and a grooving bassline with an angry chorus that brought to mind the classic rock of bands like Guns N Roses.  The power rock returns on “We Are” with speedy guitar licks and screaming vocals that will have your heart beating out of your chest as your head bobs along to the beat.  A stretch of drum fills adds another layer to the talent of this band.

Although it is only 46 minutes in, you will need the break of the closer “Why” and it’s slowed down almost ballad type vibe.  The story in the lyrics is a little dark and will show that even with all the technical talent there are still emotions and feelings within the music.  

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