Mic L. Shawn – Keeping Classic R&B Alive

Mic L. Shawn

As modern music has become more and more commercialized, the days of good old-fashioned classics has somewhat drifted away.  It takes a little deeper searching but amazing classic sounds are still being created.  We recently came across Mic L. Shawn who perfectly fits this need.

The talented artist brings back the best of classic R&B with some neo-soul and Gospel.  The sound of Mic L. Shawn puts it all together for something that is fresh yet holds onto the past.  He was born as Michael Shawn Williams to talented musical parents.  

His musical endeavors over the past two decades reflect his deep passion for music. He has showcased his talents by singing at military and sporting events both in the U.S. and abroad. Mic L. Shawn has also performed in numerous talent shows, choruses, and bands, as well as having opened for major recording artists such as H-Town, Shai, and Jagged Edge, to name a few.

Let Mic L. Shawn Bring You To A Higher Place


Now Mic L Shawn is back with a new single “Game (Love Or Lies)” to continue to showcase his skills.  The heavily Jazz influenced track pours out a chill vibe that will soothe any soul.  The piano is tickled in a beautiful way drawing you in.  There is a lot to work with here, even a quick bass solo at the 3:30 mark.  The vocals are the highlight though as Mic L. Shawn pours true emotion into his singing.  Heads will be bopping as you are drawn into the story he is sharing.  By the end, the mind of the listener will be in a totally relaxed place.

You can keep up with Mic L. Shawn on FACEBOOK.