King Social Crowdfunding Their Debut Album

King Social

King Social is a zany Australian rock-hip hop fusion group that simply refuses to be bound by societal expectations.

Altogether, the band is made up of five members, each hailing from completely different backgrounds and all graced with their very own unique talents. They’ve got country boy Angus Milne (lead vocals and acoustic guitar) and Brisbane born Constantine Hagiaglou on drums and percussion. Then they’ve got Jason Baillie, a full time teacher at a nearby high school who rocks the stage on lead guitar and also contributes on the ukulele and with backup vocals. Then of course they’ve got the happy go lucky Waqa Vananalagi on bass guitar and backup vocals when needed. Last but not least, there’s Stevie Mitchell who sings backup vocals and also plays the didigeroo for pete’s sake.

Needless to say, King Social is an intricately woven basket of sorts, holding all of the talent, drive, and inspiration it takes to make a big splash in this music industry. The guys are currently crowdfunding their debut album Let’s Do This, and can really use your help to make it a reality. You can check out their Pledgemusic campaign page to take a closer look at King Social and all of the many reasons you should donate.

King Social Switchin’ It Up

There’s just no way to confine these guys to any one genre. King Social consistently wows their fans with a wide variety of content and what seems to be a limitless realm of possibility. If you were to take a quick visit to their Soundcloud, you’d be graced with the sounds reminiscent of nearly every genre of music you’ve ever come across, but brought to you in a whole new light.

On one hand, King Social can drop a hard hitting rap-reggae song like “They Call It” — a song referencing the unifying and uplifting nature of hip-hop. They treat every verse as if it’s their last, confidently spitting every word with the poise and precision we see in many of the more famous rap artists we see today.

But just as quickly however, they’ll switch it up completely.  King Social never fails to leave their fans in a state of utter shock, just as likely to create an indie-rap track as they are to create a song blending country rock and ’70s Americana. “The Dancer” is a prime example.

Just A Little Help

Obviously, King Social is an extremely talented group of multifaceted artists with passion, drive, and a lot of soul. Their campaign’s going well so far, but they can definitely use your help to give them that final push to reach their goal.

Let’s Do This is their first album, but definitely not their last. They’ve already been performing together for four years and there’s just no end in sight.

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