Skylar Grey Moves Mountains in Latest Release

Skylar Grey

With five Grammy-nominations for her work as a multi-platinum singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, I think it’s safe to say that Skylar Grey’s got this whole music thing down. This amazing artist, who recently collaborated with X-Ambassadors, has finally released more music of her own — and honestly it’s nothing short of amazing. Skylar Grey’s latest Natural Causes is the album you didn’t know you were missing. 

Singing with an amazing combination of pop and raw soul, Grey does nothing less than impress. In her latest release Grey has no problem with producing a couple of different styles and apparently less with making them sound fantastic.

Not to mention her voice in general is amazing in itself. Not only does it possess this super clear and pure quality, but it also pops out this very clear falsetto that’s impossible to ignore. Grey sings with this almost breathy quality that can’t be replicated. Her voice always seems to teeter on soulful, but always sounding purposeful. The things she sings about are honest and raw — and it’s all too good to ignore.

Skylar Grey Works with Variation

The best part is she isn’t afraid to play around with her sound. Take her album singles for example. Grey’s latest song “Off Road” in comparison to “Moving Mountains.” Both have Grey’s signature tone, but with two different genres.

“Off Road” still delivers Grey’s lyrical honesty while incorporating electronic beats. We still get these very straight forward lyrics like “Don’t care where you take me / As long as you’re taking me / Off road” (mixed with an amazing falsetto harmony), but we also see how pop she can be.

Compare this with her next single “Moving Mountains” that shows her in a softer light. In this song we get this very airy guitar mixed with her very raw and very real emotions. You can hear it in her voice as she sings, “For once push your ambitions aside / and instead of moving mountains let the mountains move you.” You really get the sense that Skylar Grey is putting it all out there, and you’re helpless to do anything but sit back and soak it in.

Essentially she possesses this impeccable ability to mix it up without it being overwhelming. She can go from a slow ballad to an almost club-vibe in a few verses without making you flinch. Natural Causes goes through a lot of different sounds without jostling you.

On top of that, honesty basically drops from her voice. It creates this weird atmosphere that Grey herself rules. She works with a lot of different tones and sounds while still sounding like effortless perfection.  It brings the transparency and rawness that’s missing from pop these days while also having a backbone.

Skylar Grey is creating a new sound and, in short, it’s impossible to ignore — Natural Causes is available now.

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