Jemere Morgan “Transitions” Into His Own With Latest Release

Jemere Morgan

Not many artists can do it all. There are so many different genres and sounds that it seems almost impossible for an artist to play more than one at a time. Jamaica and New York-based artist Jemere Morgan represents the best of two, effortlessly mixing both rap and reggae to create his debut album Transition – due January 2017.

Morgan creates good genre-exploring music. He can easily combine his rapping with traditional reggae to create this type of vibe that everyone can enjoy. On top of that he’s also a musical legacy (the son of Gramps Morgan), which is impressive in itself. Morgan takes music seriously and it shows he’s been doing for awhile.

“I’ve been working on this album for the past three years, handpicking each sound down to the melodies of each record. Music and the artist should be one, and if the beat doesn’t connect to me, I’m on to the next track,” said Morgan about writing his first album.

As you can see Jemere Morgan has been working tirelessly on this album, and it shows. We were lucky enough to get a sample of his single  “Shouldn’t Have” which only solidified our excitement for the rest of it.

Jemere Morgan Creates Togetherness With Single “Shouldn’t Have”

Even within the first few notes Morgan really creates this crazy creative sound, and he does it effortlessly. His songs give off this very sunny feel, yet also tells a transitional story. He makes a track that works with not only great vocals, but also solid lyrics and a great backing.

In the single Morgan sings, “Oh the good old days were sweet, talk to me girl, talk to me girl, because I don’t want nobody else” in this way that reminds me of mainstream rap (I would even say it’s lyrics sound like something Drake would sing), but at the same time maintains this very reggae feel.

It combines the best of both sounds. Morgan sings with this rap soulfulness overlapping with a reggae beat. It works perfectly together, and creates a melody you can’t help but dance along to. He really uses this in the best way. Morgan sets himself apart from other upcoming artists with this insane ability to create such a diverse, for lack of a better term,

That combined with featured artist Jo Mersa Marley (son of Stephen Marley and grandson of Bob Marley) only creates this sunny musical atmosphere. Together they sing about wanting a girl back and apologizing, but it still sounds so upbeat and danceable.

The end result is this really cool track that is impossible to ignore. It’s really something that you can easily listen and  to without even having to love reggae itself (which as someone who’s never listened to reggae before is awesome). Morgan uses this single to paint himself as this diverse and very creative artist, and this alone only makes me this much more excited to hear the rest.

His upcoming album Transitions can be preordered here.