Al Rickjames Takes Us To The ‘Trap Caribbean’

Al Rickjames

Life is rarely an easy road. Many people will have struggles and just cower in their defeat and accept a lesser life. Others will use the struggles as inspiration and strive above to create something good for the world. Our recent find Al Rickjames is of the latter variety and has a new record Trap Caribbean to show off his turnaround success.

The artist and songwriter was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica. A young life that included growing up in the poverty-ridden Salt Springs community and a devastating hurricane that almost took his life. In 7th grade, Al Rickjames migrated to Atlanta, Georgia in pursuit of a better life. That did not go exactly as planned. In 2005, he was sent to prison for a 10-year detention. 

Instead of wallowing in misfortune, Al Rickjames decided to pour his passion into music. The result is his debut album Trap Caribbean. The 15 track record is a full show of the diverse style he has created. Both the island-inspired dancehall sound and the Dirty South production combine to form something truly his own. 

Get “Anything You Want” with Al Rickjames

The bouncy rhythm of the opener “Anything You Want” sets the tone for the party atmosphere. Get ready for some fun. “Ride This Wave” continues the fun but also highlights the lyrical flow available throughout the album.

There is a slower and smoother style to “Rough Rider” as Al Rickjames shows some diversity in his songs. Some elegant melodies are hidden behind the dancehall hearts here. Something for everyone. “Sprinter Van” adds those deep bass beats while still bouncing along with a vocal delivery that draws you in. 

It sounds like Al Rickjames isn’t afraid to tell real stories in his music with “Gold Digger.” The spacy beat sets the track apart but the lyrics seem deep and real. TrapMonstaJugg helps out on this one. The deep bass style is heard on “Jamaica” with Jubee Kane. The album closes with perhaps the most radio-friendly song “Tomorrow.” A sweet beat dances along with a heartfelt vocal delivery. Real-world feelings. There is something for every music lover here.

Continue to where Al Rickjames is headed next on his WEBSITE.

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