Triz Nathaniel Starts The Year As A ‘Klean Kut Klansmen’

Triz Nathaniel

One of the most powerful uses for music is to spread a message. When the message has a true and serious meaning it takes on even more power. Our recent discovery Triz Nathaniel has taken this mission into his hands with not only his music but with his whole being.

The journey of the talented wordsmith has been a winding one. Starting in Dublin, Ireland, Triz Nathaniel developed his chops remaking old Irish rebel songs into east coast hip-hop with his debut LP The Black Irish. Expanding on that he makes fierce activist hip-hop about overcoming racism, sexism and homophobia in today’s society through the lens of a Black American. 

After returning to New York, the passion and energy remained. During the later half of 2022, as the world tried to return to some sense of normalcy, Triz Nathaniel spent most of his time writing new powerful songs. A new full length album is scheduled for February 2023. To keep the anticipation high Triz released “Klean Kut Klansmen” on Jan 6th 2023.

A dark piano melody opens the track to prepare us for what is to come. The lyrical assault comes hard and quick but stays catchy and draws the listener in. Triz Nathaniel describes it as an anti-fascist trap track providing an eye on what is happening in mainstream America right now. Dublin based rapper RUNOFFBROKE lends his talents for a verse as well adding another layer to the song. Heads bop throughout as the beat keeps the flow moving forward. As we dive into the lyrics the message exposes itself with veracity and relatability. Gaining insight while enjoying a banger!

We are excited to see the release of more music from Triz Nathaniel. He promises we will not be waiting long. 

Keep up with Triz Nathaniel on his INSTAGRAM and dive into more of his catalog HERE.

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