It is amazing how much of an influence music can have on a child growing up.  We have all heard of how music lessons help young minds grow and how it helps in all aspects of learning.  Many of the most talented musicians today began as children on instruments that are not very popular in adult life but with that musical basis let them grow into experts on whatever instrument they choose later in life.  A young artist that I met today credits his early saxophone and piano lessons to his amazing jazz improvisation skills of today.  Let us introduce you to Klassik.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Klassik was tutored by local legend Berkely Fudge through his early years training his ears classically and setting up the basis of a great musical mind. Fast forward to the present and Klassik’s music has evolved into an eclectic form of hip hop, rhythm and blues, and jazz. Some of his major influences include Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, Kanye West, and Steely Dan.  He can be closely related to Frank Ocean in today’s music scene.  What distinguishes Klassik even more in my eyes, is the fact that he writes and produces all of his original material without sampling.  This is far too rare in the hip hop genre of today.

Last week Klassick released his record In The Making, an album that he has been perfecting over the past three years.  The album takes an exhilarating journey through Klassik’s evolution as a young musician with a plethora of raw talent to a fully developed artist, hence the name In The Making.  It is easy to see the growth and progression of a true artist through the album’s 17 tracks. ‘ForeverWhatever’ is a sexy song that combines beautiful jazz piano with Klassiks innovative vocal style.  The combination makes for a very different listen that attracts the ear to focus on each nuance on the song.  The first single of the album ‘Enemy/InnerMe’ is a fantastic song that creates a sonic landscape behind his smooth vocals and lets him demonstrate his skills in all aspects of writing and producing.  The song also has a very well-produced music video that was just released.

Watch it here:

The overall theme of “In The Making” is one of positivity and progression. Through the ups and downs, a strong character, hard work, and integrity will prevail and distinguish Klassik in the currently over-saturated music industry.  He has created something unique that I recommend you go listen to immediately.  Find it at:

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