As we go through our never-ending search of interesting music, we often come across genres and styles that just do not seem to work on paper.  Often these mashups don’t work when we actually take the time to listen to them.  But when they do work and the artists put it together correctly, something groundbreaking has been created.  Today we have one of those finds for you.  Welcome to the world of Destiny Lab.

Based out of the hidden northwest of Oregon, Destiny Lab is a Christian/Creationist Rap group.  Yes you read that right; a hard rap group with strong Christian and Creationist overtones.  Formed back in 2005 with Arkalogik on vocals and Genetix handling the beats, this unique duo has developed some of the most thought provoking hip hop you might have ever heard. They are passionate about making music with meaning and purpose and the songs they create force the listener to ask themselves life examining questions that demand answers.  The group’s ability to relate such strong and debatable ideas while writing music that could stand on its own along with any hip hop track, is quite amazing.

Destiny Lab has just released a double album consisting of two powerful records, The Evolution Antidote and The Original Sin. The groups prolific writing has led to over 30 tracks between the two albums that discuss the Creation/Evolution debate, the Nephilim, UFOS and aliens, secret societies, the occult, the new world order, the new age movement and how all of these matters and more tie into Biblical prophecy and the end times deception.  This is not for the casual listener but perfect for someone who wants to think as they listen to powerful music.  A track that jumped out to me was ‘Unseen Zones’.  It has a vocal style reminiscent of Cypress Hill except with much less talk about smoking pot and getting high and is more focused on fighting against original sin and the beliefs of an atheist.  ‘Evolve Or Die’ opens with a sound clip of an old interview then delves into the strong beliefs of Destiny Lab.  The group is not afraid to show both sides of the arguments but by the end of the song the listener is forced to look into his own mind to find his own beliefs.  Each and every track is solid and leaves you curious to learn more about Destiny Lab and the subject matters they discuss and the connections to world history and the Bible.  They were recently picked up by War Records out of San Deigo which will get them even more distribution to expand their message.  These guys are sure to make some waves and cause some lively discussions in the industry.

Get your mind prepared and then dive into some powerful tracks at:





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