There are many talented musicians in this world.  Putting in those years of practicing in your room all alone can really pay off in your skills.  But then you have to get out of the basement and find other musicians that are at the same level as yourself.  Unfortunately that is not always the easiest thing today, but when the right personalities find each other something magical happens.  That seems to be the case with our latest find Morning Fame.

The alternative rock band from Toronto, Canada is what happens when four uniquely talented and passionate musicians come together as one to form a group where the musical chemistry works.  Morning Fame is made up of guitarist Joe Liranzo, vocalist Vik Kapur, drummer Al Dennis, and melodic bass player Rob Gilberti.  Each musician has the talent to be a soloist, but together they form as one to become even greater than the sum of their parts.  Together they form a full sonic palette that sucks you in but doesn’t overpower the listener’s ears.

Last year Morning Fame released a 6 song EP entitled A Lasting Place recorded at the well-known Revolution Studios that got them much attention in the local Toronto scene with its melodic pop sensibilities.  Now they have put together three new songs for their Back And Forth collection.   ‘The Colour Of Sound’ is a well written pop rock song with mellow meandering guitar lines and Vik’s soothing vocals to showcase the band as a whole.  The next track ‘Turn To Stone’ brought me back to the melodic mid 90’s songs of bands like the Gin Blossoms.  ‘The Joker’s Game’ is another track that is ready for mainstream radio.  Morning Fame’s ability to bring back that sugary alt rock of the mid 90’s without sounding like just a copy is a skill on its own.

Go give yourself some flashbacks with the new rock of Morning Fame at:

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