There are many amazing songwriters that forever remain behind the scenes creating music for other singers to perform.  Many of these talents go unnoticed especially by the mainstream fans.  Sometimes even though a songwriter writes a song with the intention of another pop star recording it, fate steps in and the personal touch of the song must be performed by the original songwriter.  This happened recently with the talented songwriter Korveil.

The native of Chicago, Illinois is well-known for his behind the scenes work as a recording studio engineer, producer, background/hook vocalist and photographer, as well as his past guiding the careers of many local dance music artists.  Korveil has worked behind the scenes with such popular artists as  Lupe Fiasco, Gym Class Heroes, Bruno Mars, and Cobra Starship.  After a move to the West Coast in 2014, Korveil was inspired to write the song “Feeling Alive” with his new start in life.  The song was in negotiation to be recorded by a major pop artist, but days before finalizing the deal, he received bad news that two of his friends had been killed in Chicago. Korveil says, “Immediately I heard the words to the song speaking to me, and I felt I had to sing this one.”  Fate stepped in and is leading him down a new path.

The single was released and the momentum is contagious.  The catchy song puts a happy emotion in anyone that listens to it.  This is how music is supposed to make you feel.  Enjoy the video below:

Keep up with more music by Korveil and artists that he enjoys writing music for at:

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