When a band truly enjoys the music that they make it is very evident when you listen.  Add in real meaning in the songwriting and a real connection can be made with the songs.  It seems as if our latest find Stonebelly is a good example of this.


The Lincoln, NE based band is made up of Mike Hollon – guitar, lead vocals; Kevin Korus – drums, back-up vocals; and Scott Dworak – bass.  Together the trio puts out an original mix of funky roots rock.  There are heavy influences of Rock, Blues, Reggae, and Psychedelia in their sound which makes it hard to pinpoint but more exciting to hear.  Stonebelly is out there putting in the work promoting and playing shows everywhere they can to win over crowds and build their fanbase.

Late last year Stonebelly released their sophomore album Perspectives & Perceptions.  The 10 track album shows off the band’s development and their joy of songwriting.  The opener “Rising” begins with a mellow strum of a guitar before bursting into a bouncy and fun track with a super catchy sing-along chorus.  Some psychedelic sounds come out on “Devil’s Mind” with a full wall of sound filling the background.  The guitar effects lead the way here.  The reggae and soul influenced “No Escape” is led by a strong vocal performance by Mike Hollon with some horns thrown in to mix up the groove.  The album closes with the just under 7 minute jam known as “The Groove”.  Each band member shows off some high end improvisational talent on this one.  Perspectives & Perceptions is definitely worth a full listen.   Hear it for yourself at: http://stonebelly.bandcamp.com/

And find out more about Stonebelly at: http://www.stonebelly.com/


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