One of my favorite parts of the current independent music landscape is the fact that there is no longer a need to always try fit into the pop radio world that the masses are always pushed to.  The freedom has been created to make music for yourself that truly expresses your own personal style.  A group that expresses this perfectly is The Stretch.


The duo of Stretch is based in Toledo, Ohio and consists of Kyal Randolph and Dillon Koprowski.  Their unique personal sound blends through many different genres to create something that is truly their own.  The music still remains incredibly catchy no matter which style they focus on.  They come off as very relatable and non-imposing with lyrics that put them on the same level as all their fans.  Stretch wants to be even and connected to their listeners and it comes off very well.

The last day of 2014 say Stretch deliver the full length album Awkward At Its Finest.  The 14 track record reaches all styles with a professional yet down to earth feel.  The opener “Cardigan” is a self-depreciating rap song that brings to mind early Eminem with its fun lyrical flow.  On “Love Potion #9” the duo shares a strong pop punk song with a driving guitar beat that builds to a full on pogo-dancing ready assault.  The crowd must go wild to this one.  The rock, funk, and rap all come together on “Run, Run, Run”.  The vocals tell the story of doing what you love and always succeeding even if it is just for yourself.  The distorted guitars in the background give that raw energy a lift.  The exotic sounds of “Bringing Down The House” explains exactly where Stretch stands and keeps the listener guessing where will these guys go next.  The album closer “Sound Of Silence” incorporates the talents of Kevin Palmer to add to the strong hard rock tone of the track.  These guys seem to be able to do anything they want in any genre they want.  This is modern music for the modern music loving fan, (like us).

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