The power of music can be much larger than just a combination of sounds that is pleasing to the ear.  There are certain artists that try to guide a real change in the world with their songwriting and philosophy on life  A good example is Renata Leuffen who recently came to us with her music and mission.

Renata Leuffen

The London, England based singer-songwriter, educator, and philosopher has the rather large undertaking of trying to heal this planet and change our often loveless society into a loving community.  Renata Leuffen grew up with many struggles in both her family and young life of survival.  Instead of turning to the evil that was often around her, she chose to rise above and try to inspire others to do the same.  To do this she formed the Renata Leuffen Corporation which works for the Renewal of the Education System, Governments, Corporations and Individuals and the Transformation of Cities and Nations. The idea is to create a new humane and modern and enlightened society in which people are happy.  It was not until 2014 at the age of 55 that Renata decided to start to sing as an expression of her goals.

In this short amount of time Renata Leuffen has released a large amount of music to get her points across including the album We Are The New Generation and many singles.  The music of songs such as “You Are My Fairy Tale Prince” combines her truly unique and sometimes jarring voice with an atmospheric background of relaxing sounds and meanings.  There is no specific genre to her music as she dabbles in and out of many styles.  On “I Am Happy, I Feel Good”, Renata uses an african drumbeat behind her loving and happy lyrics creating a kind of mantra for joy.  “We Are The New Generation” is a fast paced dance track with sounds attacking from all angles while her voice pushes forward the mission of creating a loving world.  Take the time to experience some of Renata Leuffen’s music and teachings at: and


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