Kristin Rebecca Leads Us Through ‘Tales, Trials, Truths’

Kristin Rebecca

Some people are just born to be musicians and performers. Yes, hard work and dedication are needed too but there is a gift given to certain people. Our recent discovery Kristin Rebecca has been called a musical goddess and we would have to agree.


The singer-songwriter based in Maryland has it all put together in a package that truly connects with the listener. It all started when she was 12 and a crush on a certain boy in the band at her church led her to pick up the guitar (because the guitarist got to stand next to him). Musical fate was set in motion and Kristin Rebecca was on her way. A visit to a relative in Minnesota when she was 15 introduced her the Celtic Harp. The allure of the sound led Kristin to expand her repertoire. Now she combines the guitar, folk harp, and her intriguing voice with an anecdotal songwriting style to bring a fresh sound to your ears With over 120 shows throughout the country per year, Kristin Rebecca has been spreading her music to the masses.


Last years Tales, Trials, Truths album expands her mission to bring this multi-faceted Pop and Americana influenced contemporary folk music to the world. Right from the opener “Wackos and Weirdos” we are greeted with Kristin’s witty and creative lyrics letting us know we are in for something fun and unique here. Her humor draws the listener into the stories.



The sound is expanded on “Can I Be Honest” as the full sonic palette is filled with exotic touches that set her music apart from anything else out there right now. A guitar solo fits in perfectly among the plucking of a variety of string instruments produced perfectly. There is a country tinge added on “Blame It On The Moon” although we are still right in her folk Americana wheelhouse. There is a beauty that washes through the speakers with a relaxing vibe for the listener.


The harp takes center stage on “Ready For The Storm” bringing the instrument to pop friendliness that I had not experienced before. The angelic yet powerful vocals add to this magic. So different yet so relatable. “Let’s Dance” brings us to a more energetic place with the use of an intriguing organ and a faster pace that gets the blood flowing. Kristin has us all in her grasp by now.


The full 17 track record is a full experience. Kristin Rebecca closes the album with more energy on “Heartbeat Of Life”. We are left with a full burst of life to continue our day with meaning and purpose. Her mission has been accomplished.


We are excited to see her continue her rise with more music on the way. Keep up with Kristin and hear more music for yourself HERE.

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