Laguna Estate Has Us ‘Dancin’

Laguna Estate

Finding your own sound as a band is one of the most important things. Trying to copy another artist will never provide lasting success. But creating something that is uniquely you will reach deeper than just the music and create a connection with your audience. Brand new band Laguna Estate seems to understand this and seems on their way to building something great.

The three piece band based in Miami, Florida is made up of Lorenzo Coviello, Damian Garcia, and Michael Moreno. Together as Laguna Estate they produce a smooth pop sound that is truly theirs. They have made making music a huge part of their lives. Every day they try to spend some time on their music. This dedication shows. 

The new single “Dancin’” is the debut release from Laguna Estate. The beat has a slightly warped feel that creates a warm blanket of sound. The vocals continue this soft and cuddly feeling to draw the listener in close for a better listen. There is a full-on head bopping tone that will get the body moving along. The production is truly unique but finds a spot that hits perfectly. 

Laguna Estate is absolutely a band to keep an eye on. Keep tabs on them on INSTAGRAM.

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