LDR Life Introduces Us To His New World

LDR Life

It is an unfortunate fact that many artistic minds often turn to drugs to try to find peace. This can lead down a terrible rabbit hole sometimes. Other times music can come in to act as a savior and pull these creative people out of the darkness and into a place of peace and rebirth. Our recent discovery LDR Life is one such success story.

Originally from Worcester, Massachusetts Shane O’Dwyer was sucked into some substance abuse situations which led him down a dark road of psychotic episodes. These times creates many mental scars that will not be forgotten. Now reborn in sobriety and relocated to California to focus on this newfound life he seems to have found his new life focus. The musical project of LDR Life was born from this to share more musical magic that saved his life. Hopefully he can help others as well rise from the ashes of substance abuse.

Join in on the LDR Life

The debut release from LDR Life is the self-titled single and accompanying music video to introduce his fresh take on the world. His love and appreciation for the healing music of Lana Del Rey is front and center as it should be. The song provides a relaxing vibe that borrows from alt rock, hip-hop, and chillwave. There is meaning and inspiration behind the lyrics as LDR Life shares his emotions and hope for a beautiful life for all his listeners. His spoken word breaks in the song provide the instructions. The smooth sounds and steady alt beat create a warm and cozy blanket from which to take it all in. Sounds come from all angles to continue that relaxed vibe. This is more than just music. Absorb it.

We are excited to see where LDR Life goes from here. Listen for more on APPLE MUSIC and SPOTIFY.

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  1. Britt Byrne

    So proud of you

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  3. John

    Beautiful Music
    Beautiful Talent