Lila Blue Releases New Single “Half Of It”

Soft and supple piano keys are gently caressed by an equally approachable vocal from rising star Lila Blue in her new single “Half of It,” the harmony they create together hypnotizing anyone that comes in contact with it on the spot. Blue isn’t holding anything back from us in her biting lyrical attack, nor the strutting beat that accompanies it in “Half of It;” contrarily, she’s going as hard after the hook as she ever has, if not just a touch more, in a rebellious pursuit of striking a balance between old fashioned singer/songwriter balladry and anthemic piano pop. Her efforts definitely produce some remarkable results, and you needn’t give the song more than a casual listen to understand exactly what I’m talking about.

The tonality of the piano, and especially the drums that crash into the mix midway through the song, is absolutely spot-on and complementary to the gorgeous vocal our singer is intertwining with the music, and because of the high quality handiwork taking place behind the soundboard, every component in “Half of It” sounds as intimate as I imagine it would in a live concert. I’ll find out myself sometime if Lila Blue is kind enough to reward her fans with a proper tour in the year 2020, but until then, I think the showmanship and heartfelt performance she gives here should be enough to sustain a continuous ascendance through the present day indie hierarchy.

This is a fantastic display of her talents, and an attractive listen tailored to audiences hungry for something fresh in the pop genre.

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