After a rough weekend dealing with extended family my mind needed some relaxing sounds to ease the mind.  When many people would turn to some acoustic singer songwriter I sometimes prefer to turn to some electronica with somewhat of a trance feel.  Today’s find of Lord Of Equator suited my mood quite well.

Within the description of the project it states “We invite you into the music space, where any phenomenon of our existence is possible: the joy and anger, love and hate, light and darkness.”  Music is best when there is no guide to force your emotions but instead the listener is allowed to take in the experience on their own and let their own mind lead the way.  This freedom is liberating.

The latest offering by Lord Of Equator is the single “Heart Of Eternity”.  The chillout track combines some classical sounds with atmospheric tones and a relaxing female vocal that pulls it all together.  Throughout the song noise seems to come at you from all angles and just wash over you putting both your mind and body in a state of zen.

If you could use some zen like I did have a listen here:

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