Love Ghost Returns To ‘Let It All Burn’

Love Ghost

In the music business, a young band is forced to grow up quickly. Success can come at you fast but staying grounded and see the world around you is most important. Don’t forget your values and appreciate the good you can do with your music. Our friends from rising rock band Love Ghost seem to be way ahead of the game and on the right path. They have been on the IBG RADAR for a while now.

Although made up of musicians in their late teenage years, the Los Angeles based rock band has their heads squarely on their shoulders. The Love Ghost sound brings back the guitar based rock that has been fading away in the mainstream by adding elements from progressive to industrial and even a smidge of hip-hop to keep their music fresh. The current lineup of Finnegan Bell (guitar and lead vocals), Ryan Stevens (bass and background vocals), Samson Young (drums and background vocals), Nicky Renard (lead guitar) and Cory Batchler (keyboards) has been putting in thier time on the road. This year they have toured through Ireland, Japan, and were one of the mainstage bands at Festivalfff in Ambato, Ecuador.

Now Love Ghost is back with another new single released on Friday, Nov. 8th. The new smash “Let It All Burn” keeps the momentum going with more post-millennial rock. Songwriter Finnegan Bell says the song is about “how I see the world through my 18-year-old eyes. The hypocrisy and unwanted advice that weighed me down during senior year led to this song.”  We can feel that in the lyrics when he says “fuck what they say, I make my own way.” The power emanates from the speakers and quickly gets stuck in your head. I challenge you to not be singing the chorus by the end of the song.  

Another sign that Love Ghost is more mature than their ages show is the fact that they have been helping feed the homeless on skid row Los Angeles for the past 3 years. All proceeds from “Let It All Burn” will go to the band’s work with the homeless.

It seems cheesy to say but, this band is going places. Keep an eye out for more love Ghost on their website and social media:






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