We have said it before and we will say it again; once the love of creating music gets inside you it never leaves.  Even after a long layoff the music inside you yearns for an outlet to escape into the world.  Have the guts and get out there and do it.  Our recent find Lovers Of Fiction is a good example of getting back to the music no matter what.

Lovers Of Fiction

The indie rock band from Portland, Maine has an interesting origin story.  University of Southern Maine professor Dan Sonenberg surprised three former students by asking them to join his new rock band.  The students, Jimmy, Mark, and Sam had been active in the local music scene for a while but Professor Sonenberg had tons of music inside him with no way of getting it out there.  What seemed like a strange request has turned into a driving force in the Portland scene with songs that piece together all their experiences to form a fully original sound.  There has been brass ensembles, full chorus, and even a kazoo choir hard in Lovers Of Fiction music.

This December will be the release of a full length album by the band.  For now we were provided with a taste through their 2 song “single” release which is available for free download through the band’s bandcamp page.  “So Simple” is an exciting rocker full on energy that seems ready to explode out of the speakers at any moment.  Driving guitar and sweet vocal harmonies abound to grab attention throughout the track.  The B-Side “Another Song” shows a softer and more jazzy side with powerful vocals paired with elegant background that brings to mind the beautiful music of decades earlier.  

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