This Sunday seems to be full of music that is aimed at not only securing a music career but more importantly helping others through inspiration and motivation.  Music has an amazing power to do this and our recent discovery Kprime seems to be on this righteous path.

The talented artist was born and raised in North Carolina.  Although he is only 25 years of age he has had a longtime goal to make a change in his city through unity and motivation.  Together with iLLWise Recordings, Kprime formed the FreeTheFuture campaign.  The goal is to make peace with one’s own spirituality as well as going into the world to share this pride.  The following is growing and the music is just a piece of that.

The newest track by Kprime at the forefront is “Limits”.  The 3 and half minute track was produced by Flame Alkhaest.  The minimalistic beat creates a kind of trance behind the bouncy flow that shows a real way with words.  Take a listen for yourself here:

Join in the positivity at: 

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