One of my favorite parts of discovering music is when a band has the balls to create a mix of many different styles to create something that is all their own.  Some of the biggest artist ever have taken this chance, from Elvis Presley to The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Bands need to feel free to break the norm and use all their influences to create something original.  Our latest find has done just that.  Let us introduce you to Lucky Widmore.

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, the 4 piece band has brought a flair for style and an interesting new mix of musical style to the scene.  There are touches of rock, reggae, funk, college, surf, and even pop music mixed into their verifiable stew of beats that turns into an enjoyable and groovy listening experience.  Frontman vocalist Craig Jamieson has the energy and chops to sing for any band you are hearing on the radio today.  Bass player Scott Jamieson brings the reggae and funk to the forefront with his groove influenced bass lines.  Metal influenced guitarist Matthew Edwards uses a full assortment of tools to show off his heavy yet complex style.  Behind the drum kit is Ryan Chalupa, a master of creating infectious beats with fills of flair that keep your attention.

Lucky Widmore’s first official release is the Long Time Coming EP.  Not just a clever name because it sounds like it could have been ready a while ago.  The six song record shows how LW can bring in influences from all over the map to create one cohesive radio ready sound.  The album opens with the funky ‘Dollars Down’.  It has an almost swing vibe to it as well until the chorus comes in and shows how a pop rock chorus should be sung.  The lead single ‘Where Would I Be’ is a sweet love song that touches the heart while remaining full of groove.  My personal favorite track of the record is ‘Obsession’.  It starts with a minimal echoing guitar and builds to a full on assault on the senses reminiscent of mid 90’s Third Eye Blind.

Bottom Line: Lucky Widmore’s Long Time Coming EP is a complete record that has the sound of an experienced band that is ready for mainstream radio play.  Go check them out at:

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