Creating new ways to get your music out there to the world is more important now than ever.  There is so much competition for the attention of the ears of the music fan today.  The abundance of great music out there makes setting yourself apart even harder.  We came across an artist with some real talent that has found a great way to let his fans help him get his music out into the world.  Pay attention to The Contagious.

The band is the studio project of David King of the deep south of Sydney, Australia.  David has been writing and performing music for the past 20 years and has been perfecting 80’s metal tinged guitar rock over that time.  You can hear the Yngwie Malmsteen influence almost immediately in his sound.  The Contagious recently went into the studio to record the Night Street EP when potential disaster struck.  The lead singer David had lined up backed out at the last minute.  Luckily for everyone, the stars aligned and a 14 year old singer named Annalivia was found to fill in.  Initially, they were not going to release the album due to the last minute change, but the results came out so well that it may be The Contagious’ best record yet.  The title track ‘Night Street’ puts together a great guitar, a phenomenal vocal performance, and a driving drum beat to create a great rock track.

To gain some extra attention for the new EP the band has decided to run a contest for their fans to spread the word and make the record their own.  Fans can make a video of themselves performing a song off of Night Street and the one with the most likes will win $500 for the cover.  Learn more here:


Go follow the future of The Contagious at:

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