Major Lazer Rescues Summer With New Single “Oh My Gawd”

Imagine arriving on a small tropical island filled with diverse vegetation and peoples involved in a culture as vibrant as the sun. You see the vast land encompassed by the sea, smelling the richness of peculiar food. You also hear the beating of what seems to be drums and a vibration so deep that it shakes the environment surrounding it. This island that I briefly described is Jamaica. This tiny island of about 4,000 square miles is responsible for a movement so revolutionary, that it would influence the greater population in a heap of ways. One being: Major Lazer.

Major Lazer, is an Jamaican-American group consisting of producer, Diplo, DJ Walshy Fires and Ape Drums. The trio recently released their single “Oh My Gawd” featuring Mr. Eazi, K4mo and Nicki Minaj on Sep. 10. This track shows the evolution the group have experienced since their debut album in 2009, Guns Don’t Kill People… Lazers Do…

There are many elements from different genres the group have accumulated, with Reggae and Dance being the epicenter. The track begins with dub-style drums in accent with K4mo’s charismatic tone. Then arrives a blend of dance and electronic style synths to compliment this song, in unison with Mr. Eazi and Nicki Minaj. There is a lot of Afro-Caribbean inspiration in this track, from the essence of Nicki to its loose lyrics, making this song fitting for Major Lazer and it’s audience. 

The crew has established a passion for Latin, African and Caribbean grooves working with artists such as J Balvin, Burns Boy and Camila Cabello. The passion is so great, that their is a TV show depicting the lazer-wielding Jamaican hero in action. This was a short-lived feat, but their catalog continues to expand making them a pioneer in the modern music industry. 

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