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Charlie Christmas is Los Angeles’ jack-of-all-trades who isn’t afraid to not take himself too seriously. His avant-pop style is wholly unique to him, making Charlie Christmas an artist you want to keep watching to see what comes next. Utilizing his distinct sounds and stylizing, Charlie Christmas created Spotty Coverage, an album consisting of covers of classic songs.

Listening through this five-track album showcases everything that makes Charlie Christmas a special artist. Spotty Coverage takes you through covers of rock and country artists like The Beach Boys and Hank Williams. Christmas takes these huge songs that’ve been covered umpteen times and manages to make them stand out as his own.

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There’s something remarkable about listening through a song you’ve heard a million times that’s been reimagine by another artist. It’s like hearing the song for the first time all over again, leaving you feeling euphoric. Charlie Christmas has given us that feeling over the course of the five tracks that make up Spotty Coverage. “

“Our House,” originally by Crosby, Stills, & Nash gives us one of the first really stand-out moments throughout the album. Christmas turns the originally funky, pop song into an epic pop-punk number reminiscent of a Blink-182 song from the early 2000’s.

One of the more stunning transformations in Spotty Coverage comes from the cover of Hank Williams “I’m So Lonely I Could Cry.” Originally more down-tempo and mellow, Christmas breathed new life into track. “I’m So Lonely I Could Cry” now has a swing to it that stops you in your tracks.

The album leaves you on a high note with “You Ain’t See Nothin’ Yet.” Easily my favorite track on all of Spotty Coverage, showcasing the best of what Charlie Christmas has to offer fans. Christmas took the original song and slowed it down a bit and the result manages to up the funk and leave you jamming along.

Charlie Christmas didn’t create the wheel with this album. Instead he chose to get an old wheel and refurbish the crap out of it. And in refurbishing it, he’s able to give it new purpose and value. Spotty Coverage highlights Christmas’ creative mind and leaves me excited for what’s to come from him in the future. Stay tuned!

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