There will always be the bands that seem to come out of nowhere and have great success with one song or album that gains them some major popularity only to disappear off the music radar just as quickly. These bands are often forgotten about in an instant and this causes major struggles not only in the band dynamics but also the mental state of the musicians themselves.  It is hard to push forward after this experience.  We came across an artist today that got back to his music and is starting to make a splash again.  Let us re-introduce you to Manteye.


 In the 1990’s Manteye became a hot commodity in his native Canada with a few pop country hits that reached mainstream success.  The band then disappeared from the music scene not to be heard from for over 20 years.  After not writing anything for this long period of time, he sat down to begin again in September of 2010.  In the two years since Manteye has written 119 songs!  I guess there was a lot of music still floating around in his head over those 20 years.

Now Manteye is ready to re-enter the music world with an upcoming album of his best new tracks.  We were able to get an advance listen to some of this music and can honestly say that he is a renewed man on a mission.  Manteye has taken a more alternative spin on his country roots with the song ‘West Virginia’.  There is a smooth feel to this drum and cymbal driven alt-rock ballad.  His voice may be older but still sounds strong and heartfelt.  The other track that really grabbed my attention was ‘Kill The Music’.  Again the vocals are strong with intimacy and beauty at the same time.  There are a few remixes of the track showing that Manteye is open to collaboration in whatever genre is available, from an adult contemporary version to a hip hop/rap version.  This is the sign of a true lover of the musical craft.

Go take a listen to what is coming from Manteye at:

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